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One question we commonly get asked is why the shop is called Ningu? Nin Gu (or Shinobi Kaki) means Ninja Tools in Japanese and we specialise in making training tools for Ninjas!

Ningu started back in 2016 as part of the Seal Martial Arts Dojo and is still serving the students and some of the most highly respected martial artists in the industry today.

We used to specialise in building Nihonto (Japanese Swords) and still offer repair services today but due to changes in the law we no longer build custom Japanese swords.

We do however produce our own range of custom made Ningu throwing knives and other equipment.

We also host seminars and events at the dojo which can be found in the Ningu Events section of the website.

If you wish to become a member of the dojo, pay for blocks of lessons or pay for courses you can also do that via the Ningu website.

If your looking for something in particular please don’t hesitate to get in contact we are always more than happy to help.