Cold Steel Chinese War Sword

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Few swords are more intimidating or more effective than the two handed Chinese War Sword. Its huge, wide blade will shear through armor as if it were butter, not to mention mere flesh and bones. There is nothing clumsy or awkward about this sword. Its 14″ cord wrapped grip, “S” shaped guard, and steel ring pommel all work in concert to make it a well balanced weapon that’s unbelievably fast and agile. This sword is also available as a Man at Arms collection high value Chinese War Sword (CS88CWSM) which can be found here.

Brand Cold Steel
Type War Sword
Country China
Period The Middle Ages (1000 – 1500)
Category Dao
Steel Type Carbon Steel Blade
Specific Steel Type 1055 Medium-Carbon
Blade Length 23.25″ (59.1cm)
Overall Length 37.75″ (95.9cm)
Weight 57.7oz (1,635.8 grams)
Thickness 6.5mm (0.26″)
Handle Length 14.5″ (36.8cm)