Musashi Katana

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A beautiful 1065 carbon steel katana with Samurai artwork perfect for martial artists looking for a high quality sword at a budget price! These Katana can easily be converted into Iaitō should you require it.
They also make excellent beater blades if you want to practice your Tameshigiri or Suemonogiri at home.
This Katana comes with brass/zinc Koshirae (Fittings) with Samurai details and black Tsuka Ito in Hinerimaki Tsukamaki. It also includes a highly polished white Saya (Sheath) with intricate Samurai artwork which looks amazing! An absolute bargain at £85!

Total Length: 1020mm
Blade Length: 720mm
Blade Material: 1065 Carbon steel
Blade Thickness: 72mm
Blade Hardness: HRC 58
Fittings: Brass / Zinc Alloy