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Prices are based on a set of 3 Ningu Darts and a suede rool case.

The Ningu Darts are the first in our range of custom made throwing knives that we are bringing to the market and they certainly don’t disappoint! The Ningu Darts come in both 5mm and 7mm thicknesses and are exclusive to Ningu, You won’t find these anywhere else!

We have stress tested both thicknesses extensively and they have held up exceptionally well! We took one of each thickness and threw them over 1000 times, You wouldn’t know the 7mm had been thrown at all and the 5mm only shows very slight signs of being thrown.

These are constructed out of a single piece of 1065 carbon steel the same steel used for many modern Samurai swords so they can take one hell of a beating!

The Ningu Darts are specifically designed for no spin throwing and are exceptional for the price, they aren’t really designed to be rotation thrown like some similar designs. We set out to make our Ningu Darts affordable for throwers in the UK and as such have one of the lowest prices on the market!


Brand: Ningu
Length: 10.5″
Thickness: 5mm or 7mm
Weight: 280 grams
Material: 1065 Carbon Steel
Case: Suede

All orders for our Ningu Darts come with a free Ningu patch and sticker!