Viking KAPAP Firearms Seminar

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The Viking KAPAP Seminar is being hosted at the:

Seal Martial Arts Dojo
Impact Dance Studios
Mill Road
CV21 1AA

On the 16th of July 2022 and is running from 10:00 - 17:00.

The seminar is being taught by Brett Mackenzie who was a serving British Soldier with several tours under his belt and a qualified firearms instructor as well as being an extremely experienced martial artist in his own right teaching KAPAP, Combatives, Arnis and Street Self Defence.

If you want to learn how to handle a firearm like a special forces operator Brett is the man to talk to. He regularly travels abroad with GROM and trains with live firearms and is an expert in military tactics and strategy.

I have seen Brett teaching seminars on how to deal with active shooters and all sorts and am extremely excited to have him coming to the Seal Martial Arts Dojo to teach the students. This is an open seminar however so everyone is welcome to attend provided your not a total nut job. All the usual suspects are welcome.

Obviously training is not being done with live firearms (with them being totally illegal in the UK) so instead attendees will be doing drills with 6mm airsoft weaponry which is far more suitable.

The agenda for the seminar is as follows:

10:00 - Welcome / Combat Warm Up
10:30 - Combatives
12:30 - Lunch
14:00 - Firearms Drills / Shooting
15:00 - Break
15:15 - Street Defence and Sticks
17:00 - Finish / Pictures with Brett

The cost of this seminar is £40 for the day.

Brett also offers some awesome courses if you’d like to learn more and qualify as a Level 1 Firearms Instructor yourself and it’s very affordable but I will let him tell you more about that when you attend!

As i said don’t miss the Viking KAPAP Firearms Seminar at Seal Martial Arts, Its going to be bloody awesome! 😎